Things To Do Before Moving Home

New homes often feel good. You can decorate and arrange your own personal belongings. You can also visit http://welike2moveitmoveit.com/seattle-moving-company-benefits/ and benefit from using our services. But, before beginning to move and organize the furniture, pay attention to the maintenance tasks first to make sure your home is safe and working properly.

1. Replace the keyYou do not realize how many people have a copy of your key. When a house is sold, many people have access to it, such as realtors and maintenance workers. What's more, you can not make sure the old homeowner has no other key. If your home has an alarm system, do not forget to replace it. Do not forget to replace the garage door lock.

2. Check for possible damageSupposedly, before you occupy a new home, the homeowner or realtors have recorded every detail of the house. Even so, if there is any damage that needs to be repaired it is better done before moving your things.

3. Locate the water valveFind the main valve of the drain and check if you need a special tool, such as a lock or pliers to operate it. If you suddenly have a pipe leak and there is water flowing into the house, you can quickly close the valve to turn off the water flow. You also need to remember that the water valve is not always the same in every home. Look inside the house, in the attic, behind the house, and around the fence. If you still can not find it, call the plumber to help you.

4. Locate the power centerIf there is a fire, the first thing you have to do is turn off the entire electric current inside the house to prevent an explosion. To turn it off, you need the help of someone who can be sure that the power is completely dead.

5. Replace the smoke detector batteryIf your new home already exists this tool, make sure it still works best. Sometimes, this detector is not checked during inspection before the house is re-occupied.

6. Clean the carpetAlthough the old owner does not have a pet, you still have to give full attention to the carpet in your new home. If necessary, bring the carpet to a special wash area to make sure the germs and dust are completely gone.

7. Change the cooling or heating filtersThe damage caused if the filter is too long can cost more than buying a new filter. If you do not change the filter, the machine will not work efficiently. Due to worse, can make the air too hot or too cold.